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Mah Jongg Mondays podcast

Apr 7, 2023

This is the first of three episodes dedicated to the new 2023 card! Today let’s dive into the new card with Lorraine Urist. We’ll unpack the differences between last years card and the new card and Lorraine will help clarify three hands that have players asking questions. There’s lots to talk about and take notes on, so go grab a pen and paper. Along with Lorraine’s analysis and tips, she shares a funny story and a beautiful poem with us. 
In the upcoming episode, Karen Gooen will be joining us with her helpful hints and analysis of the card and in the third episode Daron Barness will join me to help us decipher rhythms and patterns on the new card.
I want to wish everyone happy and healthy games ahead with the new card!
Where The Winds Blow tilesets
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