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Mah Jongg Mondays podcast

Jun 20, 2022

Let’s celebrate! Liam and I are excited to have reached the 100th episode of the podcast. I have some very special people joining me on the podcast today to help me celebrate this milestone episode. My guest today is Karen Gooen who will be talking with me about back up hands and the positive effects that technology and social media had during the trying time we all encountered during covid. MJTI! was and is a fantastic Facebook home for us all to come together and share our love for mah jongg. My thanks to each of you for your listenership and for helping me to grow the podcast by sharing it with your mah jongg friends and family members. It’s one for all and all for mahj! 
Karen's blog can be found at and her book Looking for Bubbe Fischer can be found <href="">on or at your local independent bookseller.
The episode with Lorraine that Fern and Liam were referencing was Episode 65, which can be found here.
Fern's book, Mah Jonng Mondays, can be found on or at your local bookseller.
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