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Mah Jongg Mondays podcast

Apr 19, 2021

In this weeks episode join Fern and her guests Michele Frizzell and Debbie Barnett as they discuss the upcoming mahj event titled MAHJCON.
What is MAHJCON?
It is a mahj centered conference where mahj enthusiasts like you can come together to be entertained, informed and inspired.  In addition to this dynamic duo of mah jongg creating MAHJCON, they also formed AMJIA, American Mah Jongg Instructor Association, and a program to teach interested players how to become mah jongg instructors with specific curriculum for American Mah Jongg play which is endorsed by Tom Sloper.
For the generous event discount offered by Michele and Debbie enter: FERN25 when ordering your MAHJCON ticket. 
I hope to see you there!
Links: use the discount code: FERN25 to receive 25% off your ticket price.